Building a Firm Foundation of Faith

Building a Firm Foundation of Faith

Consist of 3 short presentations:
The 5 types of prayer and how we can incorporate them into our daily prayer life.
Whether you struggle with prayer or have been comfortable praying for years – this presentation has something for you!

The Sacraments particularly the Eucharist and Reconciliation are reviewed
in the context of how they help us in the everyday, ordinary of our life.
Baptism and Confirmation may have felt like one day but the grace we receive is meant for a lifetime.
Allison shares a very UNIQUE experience with Confession and how that helped her overcome her fear of the sacrament;
plus it is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

The final presentation of the morning introduces a simple way to pray with the bible.
Allison shares how the Scriptures can draw us closer to Christ and truly transform our faith life.
Prayer, Sacrament and Scripture what amounts to a “Grace Trifecta.”

Throughout the morning we will look at what grace is,
how these activities provide more of it in our life and why using these great grace giving gifts
from God we are able to build a firm foundation of faith.

Presentation uses real, relevant and often humorous stories,
Allison shares the many ways we can incorporate Prayer, Sacrament and Scripture
into our everyday, ordinary life to strengthen our faith.